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Date: 30 May 2019
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02 February, 2021
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Annoyed by those website ads? Do you know who is tracking your web browsing habits? Firewalla's built-in ad blocker can make sure you don't see ads and ads don't see you.

Privacy Protection

We all use public WiFi, but have you ever stopped to think what lurks in between you hotspot and your final destination? How can we ensure that our internet activity stays private when we’re out in public?

Firewalla can help you stay private:

  1. Firewalla’s built-in VPN server encrypts all of your browsing data, sends it to your home network, and then route to the internet from there. That eliminates the possibility of anyone in-between you and your destination snooping on you. Coffee shop owners, coffee shop patrons, foreign ISP's or governments – you’re shielded from all of them.
  2. Our VPN Server has been used by travelers to bypass internet filtering in countries that block certain websites and apps.
  3. Access your home devices and gadgets anywhere in the world with strong encryption. 
  4. Firewalla’s built-in adblocker helps you eliminate ads that track your web browsing habits (and annoy you as well). While we can’t eliminate all ads, we’re continually improving our ad blocking processes. This ad filtering is built into Firewalla – your browsing habits will never reach any third party.

Here is a quick review/tutorial done by one of our supporters.

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