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Google tag manager

Need help with installation GTM on a joonla site 

There are plugins like JED plugins to install the GTM code.

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Fix PHP and blank screen



De-activate Akeeba admin


De-active Secret Key

No Access to Secret Key

If you DO NOT have access to the Administrator / Administration panel of the website because you have enabled 2FA and you know can't log in, you'll need to disable it via PHPMyAdmin 

  1. From your hosting account log into PHPMyAdmin
  2. Find the table ending in  '_extensions' (the first few digits/letters vary by installation)
  3. Find the plugin named plg_twofactorauth_totp and change its 'enabled' status from '1' to '0'
  4. Save

This disables the 2FA plugin and thus gets rid of the login with the secret key.






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7 Amazing Benefits of Kickboxing You Should Know

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by Jennifer Wasylenko

1. Increase Flexibility

During a typical class warm up, you do several stretches for your hips and shoulders. In addition, the moves during the workout itself involve high kicks to the front and side which also increase your range of motion in your hips.

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