Joomla SEO Spam

When it comes to abuse on your website and complaint received via the hosting company we can help solve these problems quickly.

When you get an email with "A hacker uploaded malicious content to your website (domain name). The host company will always give you as much detail of the invected file/s and is up to you remove. Many times this can be removed to only find the problem has retured.

We will re-move and secure your joomla website so that this abuse stops. We find the it takes some developers hours / days to try and fix but most times they have not addressed the isue of how they gained access to upload the folder and files and simple deleteing does not stop the abuse.

With our expoerenced team we can remove most hacks / abuse within 2 hours at a cost af R 475ph.

  • Monday, 22 September 2014

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