J2 Appointment Bookings

J2 Bookings has been developed to provide you; the bookings based business owner; software that uses technology to allow you to run your business smarter and provide increased value to your loyal customers. It makes no difference if it is you alone – or 100’s of staff across multiple branches and cities. J2 Bookings is the solution for you.

J2 Bookings is aimed at businesses which derive their income from customers that make and arrive at the business through bookings. Historically this has been a manual process where your customer calls; checks availability and makes a booking at some date in the future. What happens then:

  • They forget the booking – causing a no-show and lost revenue?
  • You need to call to confirm the booking – meaning high call costs and lower margins?
  • You are unable to properly plan cash flow and capacity due to no-shows?
  • Your clients do not get the impression that you value them not only as cash cows but as an integral part of your business. What do you offer them besides a service?

J2 Bookings changes all of that – we allow your customers to interact directly with you 24 hours a day to schedule bookings and appointments and pre-order stock items to be ready when they arrive. J2 Bookings will provide your customers with real time responses, confirmations and email and SMS reminders. This brings real value to your client – and helps build the loyalty as you make it easier for them.

J2 Bookings allows you as the business owner to see what has been booked, check capacity across stores, track sales and stock movement and reduce the risk of financial losses. J2 Bookings will also give you the ability to remain in constant contact with your clients; showing them that you care and they are an integral part of your community.

J2 Bookings will also give you a web presence where you can provide your clients information, the latest trends and alert them of upcoming specials. The J2 Bookings system can also allow you to sell your stock items online – providing you with a larger audience and another avenue to attract more people to your business.

J2 Bookings is perfectly suited to Hairdressers, Spas, Beauty Therapists, Doctors, Restaurants, Physiotherapists, Tanning Studios, Chiropractors and any other appointment based organisation. Please see our demo section to get a real view of how this could help your business.

  • Wednesday, 03 September 2014

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