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Why Have No Contractors In Johannesburg Northern Suburbs Matched Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? 

Firstly, instead of talking to a appointment booking receptionist, you get to talk to an experienced plumber who can diagnose your electric and solar geyser problem on the phone.

For example cold water leaking from a geyser pipe is a pressure reducing valve problem, and not your geyser itself.

We're taking about plumbing and geyser repairs using the latest digital technology, in order to solve your geyser and general plumbing problems that contractors give up on.

Better still, we won't charge you a cent if we can't solve your geyser problem in Johannesburg - no matter how long we spend trying to solve it. 

Only very experienced plumbers and electricians in Johannesburg will get your geyser electrical or geyser mechanical problem right first time, most of the time.

Have you ever hired an electrician who changed your faulty thermostat not realizing the cause is geyser water leaking onto it. Electricians also change geyser elements, not realizing your problem is a plumbing related faulty vacuum breaker.

Faulty vacuum breakers allow all your geyser's water to drain back into the street water supply pipe, while Johannesburg Water, or a plumber in your complex, is carrying out plumbing repairs. Your geyser element then burns out if you don't switch off your geyser.

If only air comes out of your taps for a minute or two in the morning, or when you get home from work, you can be certain the above has happened.

So rather let a plumber with 30 years of geyser experience change your element and thermostat, and do all the plumbing tests that determine if your geyser electrical problem is plumbing related.

This is how you can avoid two unnecessary and expensive call-outs when you hire a plumber who doesn't know geyser electrics, or an electrician who doesn't know plumbing.

Here's another money saving benefit our plumbers give you. Normally when your geyser element is changed, the thermostat has to be changed as well, as your thermostat could be the actual problem.

Depending on which plumbers or electricians you use, your bill could total upwards of R2200.00, as few plumbers or electricians are prepared to come back later, for free, to check whether your thermostat is the problem, by doing tests once your geyser has reached full operating temperature.

We won't necessarily change your thermostat if your element is dead. We will come back and do all the tests, for no extra charge, to determine whether your thermostat needs to be changed as well.

At the same time we'll adjust your thermostat temperature setting if you require a higher or lower temperature. Again there is no extra charge.

Permanently solving geyser tripping problems, and other geyser electrical and plumbing problems, that quickly return just days after being repaired by others, are our favorite.

All our geyser and plumbing repairs include the latest SABS/SANS10254 Geyser Bylaw solution to people being electrocuted while showering or bathing during a thunder storm.

We are talking about an earth strap correctly fitted between your hot and cold geyser pipes, using SABS/SANS10254 specified components.  

We give you the option of a geyser blanket and hot water pipe insulation in your geyser installation as well.

This is the quality energy saving combination kit recommended by CSIR energy specialist Christelle Beyers, that makes your heating far more efficient.

And because we do it right first time, quickly, we are able to offer you prices from R450.00 including parts to repair your plumbing. 

Fill in the email form above, or call Toll-Free 0800 007 265 Cell 082 514 5616 now.

If you are on a tight company budget, our plumbers help you save money by using old school ingenuity and integrity to repair plumbing equipment, instead of replacing it.

If you need a new geyser, our registration number, 1003044, authorizes us to sell, install and repair the geyser with 90% market share, KWIKOT. And you get it installed to strict SABS/SANS10254 plumbing safety and efficiency regulations.

With the average geyser lasting only three to five years, due to the problem of heavy metals in Johannesburg's water, the Duratherm range of SABS approved geysers, which we offer, have solved the water erosion problem and now offer an incredible 10 year guarantee.

The long life Duratherm range of geysers are endorsed by the powerful Plumbing Institute of South Africa (IOPSA). 

Our general plumber training program is structured by master plumber, and Associate, Dumisani Ndlovu. His Department of Labour Qualified Plumber Registration Number is 12/28/16173.

You can also save money by attempting to solve your geyser and general plumbing problems yourself, by using our unique email question and answer form below.

Geyser Bylaw SABS/SANS10254 was legislated to deter plumbers who cause geyser related fatal burn injuries and, homeowner possession loss, every day (23 fatalities in 3 years says the South African Insurance Association SAIA).

However, if you find that we have not repaired or installed your geyser according to the SANS10254 drawing we give you - your geyser is free.

Warning: Your geyser is unsafe and illegal if a 50mm diameter PVC pipe and a 22mm metal pipe are not protruding from your upper outside wall (not through roof tiles). These pipes are your geyser leak overflow and safety valve outlets.

Phone your insurer for proof on how they can use plumbing regulations to reject your claims, if your pipes and geyser tray are incorrectly positioned.

Insurers target incorrectly positioned geyser drip trays.

Your drip tray needs to be sloped at the the correct angle to facilitate a burst. The pipe that exits your tray needs to be at the correct angle as well. To achieve this your plumber needs to raise your entire installation to the correct height.

If you accept the cheapest geyser prices-quotes, we can carry out an independent inspection on your installation for SANS10254 compliance for R450. If not complaint, we will advise you on your plumbing consumer rights.

We protect your consumer rights by supporting your home/business claims with proof that our plumbers did not use non-SANS10254 geyser parts.

Non-SANS parts not only invalidate your claims, they also invalidate your geyser guarantee as they can cause your geyser to burst.

Best of all, you don't pay more to get SANS10254 plumbing that protects you, which is another reason why we are top rated by property administrators.

Free Geyser And General Plumbing Solutions to Problems and Consumer Rights Advice (Johannesburg area only)

For free geyser/plumbing solutions to problems and consumer rights advice, please submit your question by using the e-mail form above.

Due to the demand for our plumbing consumer rights and DIY question and answer service, your patience will be appreciated.

E-mail Your Plumbing DIY Question or Give Gus A Call Now Tool-Free 0800 007 265 Cell 082 514 5616 For A Quote in Johannesburg Northern Suburbs, Sandton, Fourways, Randburg, Roodepoort etc.

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