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Continental Outdoor Media thumbThe world is changing in favour of outdoor. More people are spending time out of their homes due to increased working hours and longer distances travelled to work. Furthermore, the increased traffic congestion, causes dwell time. Outdoor offers outstanding value for money and a number of ways to ratchet up exposure. The inclusion, or exclusivity, of outdoor on the media schedule, makes a tremendous impact on reach, frequency and overall awareness.

Outdoor is roadside, outside, inside and on the move.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

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  • Outdoor Advertising targets the mass market
  • Re-inforces the availability of the brand
  • Re-assures the consumer of the brand choice
  • Provides the retailer with proof of advertising support
  • Reaches markets no other advertising medium can
  • Visibility
  • Builds brand loyalty
  • Maintains brand dominance
  • Strategically located
  • Coverage, frequency and impact

Product Range for Outdoor Advertising

Product Range for Outdoor Advertising

We provide a one-stop advertising service for marketers across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, from the design and printing of artwork, to the display ofoutdoor advertising through a single source at our Johannesburg Head Office, or through any of the 13 branch offices in other countries in Africa where we have offices! Take a surf through our product range and give us a call! We'll show you why we're Africa's Outdoor Advertising Specialists!

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