Blue Turtle Technologies

blueturtle thumbBlue Turtle is a leading South African enterprise technology management company focused on IT and service management; encompassing governance, service & infrastructure management, monitoring, security, configuration, application and workspace management.

business-technology-btThe comprehensive solutions and expertise that Blue Turtle provides assess and address your company's complex environments while ensuring that business objectives are met and return on your investment is realized.

Our Blue Turtle offerings reduces complexity and makes customer support, change management, and asset management integrated and efficient. You gain business transparency, visibility, and control across all of service support with one solution. IT departments face issues such as budget & time constraints; disparate systems and solutions and lack of resources.

Blue Turtle recognises that in today’s world customers are seeking IT partners who offer a breadth of capacity, flexibility, innovation and added benefits. We strive to ensure we deliver and meet these expectations for our customers.

Company Profile

  • Saturday, 30 August 2014

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